Diamond Foxxx, Aleska Nicole, and Melissa Jacobs
Updated August 11th, 2011

Diamond Foxxx loves the taste of a good pussy! Hey fans, I'm here with Aleska Nicole and Melissa Jacobs, to present this series of 53 tasty photos. Right from the beginning, we can't keep our paws off each other... but we don't have to! We've got toys and tongues for these horny pornstar pussies, and six yummy natural tits to taste... so you know we had a good time shooting this set!

Starring: Aleksa Nicole, Melissa Jacobs, Diamond Foxxx
Pictures: 53
Diamond Foxxx Strips, and Gets Teased By the Cameraman
Updated July 28th, 2011

Diamond Foxx is here with black pantyhose, blue lingerie, a brown leather couch... and a fucking horny pussy! There's not a lot of ''tease'' in this strip tease... it does take me a while to start showing off the naughty bits, but once I do start, you'll see I'm in a hurry to get my fingers on my pussy. That mean old cameraman made me tease myself though! You can imagine I did some furious masturbating after this set was done!

Starring: Diamond Foxxx
Pictures: 43
Diamond Foxxx Showing Off that Mature Pornstar Allure
Updated July 14th, 2011

Diamond Foxxx fans, get a load of that pussy! Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. This series of 82 photos gives you the works, because there's nothing standing between the camera and my sexy girly parts. I make sure you get to see it all, from my big breasts to my pornstar pussy, and let's not forget that tasty round ass! Fans know us mature pornstars have all the right moves... come see for yourself!

Starring: Diamond Foxxx
Pictures: 82